Call for Abstracts is Closed

Presenters: A copy of the abstract and presenter bios will be provided in the conference program. If you wish to make edits to your submission, please log-in to the abstract submission system prior to August 25th to make edits. 

Why should I submit an abstract?

  • Share your research with a large public health audience.
  • Enhance your CV.
  • Expand career opportunities.
  • Disseminate your findings.
  • Receive feedback from colleagues.
  • Be part of the largest public health gathering in Nevada.

Who should submit an abstract?

Anyone who works or is involved in Public Health in Nevada!

  • Public Health professionals
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Policy makers

What can I submit an abstract about?

Abstracts should present emerging public health topics including but not limited to policy, research, program development, interventions.  

What are the Abstract Guidelines?

Abstracts must be 175 to 250 words or less and provide a brief description of what to expect in your presentation. An abstract is a brief summary of your work, intervention and/or research. It is designed to inform the reader about your project/research in a concise manner. It should include the following components:

1) Introduction - Statement of the research problem, purpose and/or hypothesis 2) Methods, 3) Results and 4) Discussion

In addition, because it is a conference abstract, the author should indicate how it relates to the theme of conference and the mission of the community based public health caucus.

Questions to consider when addressing each component (University of California, Berkeley, 2000):

1) Motivation/problem statement: Why do we care about the problem? What practical, scientific/theoretical gap is your research or community based intervention filling?

2) Methods/procedure/approach: What did you actually do to get your results? (e.g., analyzed 3 novels, completed a series of 5 oil paintings, interviewed 17 students)

3) Results/findings/product: As a result of completing the above procedure, what did you learn, invent, create, observe? Was there enhanced knowledge, increased participation, self efficacy, etc.?

4) Conclusion/implications: What are the larger implications of your findings, especially for the problem/gap identified in step 1?

What is a Learning Objective?

Learning objectives must be included with your submission (Learning Objectives WILL NOT be included in the abstract text word count). Learning objectives must be measurable. Guidelines for Writing Learning Objectives can be found here:

Examples of Learning Objectives:

  • List five factors that contribute to hypertension
  • Describe the procedure for assessing the health status of a patient with cancer
  • Design a community based breast screening model

What are some examples of abstracts?

How do I submit an abstract?

Please develop your abstract off-line before accessing the online submission form. Use the spell check and word count features of your word processor to check the text of the abstract before submitting it. When you are ready, access the online submission form. If you have questions, please contact Melissa O'Brien at or 775.784.1983.

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