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Characteristics of Children Attending Asthma Camp in Nevada 
Shetty, P.; Moonie, S.; Beaulieu, A.; & Aquino, C.

Utilization of Preventative Health Services by Nevadans with Disabilities
Pharr, J.; & Moonie, S.

Nutrition Education in Clark County, Nevada
Bittle, M.; McClain, M.; Hibler, J.; & Ditmyer, M.

Chronic Disease and Risk Factors Among Nevadans with Disabilities: A 2009 BRFSS Study
Pharr, J.; & Moonie, S.

Analysis of Lead Levels in Deciduous Teeth From Children in Clark County, Nevada
Murphy, K.; Berger-Ritchie, J.; Gerstenberger, S.; Amin, A.; Nitta, K.; More, F.; Hibler, J.; & Kingsley, K.

Effects of the Master Settlement Agreement on Smoking Among Nevada Teens: A Decade After Implementation and Implications of Reduced Funding 
Demopoulos, C; & Cochran, C.


Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Pregnant Women and their Newborns in Las Vegas, Nevada 
Buttner, M.; Ezeanolue, E.; Cruz, P.; Henry, J.; Jack, I.; & Cross, C.

The Long-term Coercive Effect of State Community Benefit Laws on Hospital Community Health Orientation 
Moseley, C.; Shen, J.; & Ginn, G.

The Economic Impact of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act in Clark County, Nevada-- Preliminary Findings 
Mukalian, R.; Lin, F.; Cochran, C.; Shen, J.; & York, N.

Adverse Maternal Outcomes in Nevada: Does Asthma Matter? 
Shen, J.; Wei, H.; & Mukalian, R.

Barriers to the Effective Implementation of Immunization Information Systems in a Private Provider Setting
Ezeanolue, E.; Jack, I.; Downey, W.; Hart, B.; & Cross, C.

Carbohydrate Consumption and Fatigue: A Review 
Pharr, J.

Blood Lead Levels in Nevada Children 
DiSalvo, A.; & Hall, T. 

Health Care Insurance and Advance Directive Completion: A Population-Based Study
Yang, W.; Hardwick, S.; Tiano, N.; & Pettis, C.


First Year Compliance with the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act
Elliott, L.; Loomis, D.; Bridgforth, A.; O'Mara, S.; Brock, L.; Hansen, B.; Minarik, M.; & Louderback, K.


Prevalence and Antimicrobial Agent Susceptibility of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Healthy Pediatric Outpatients in Las Vegas
Ezeanolue, E; Buttner, M; Cruz, P; Henry, J; Cross, C; & Stetzenbach, L.

The Effects of Television Food Advertising on Childhood Obesity 
Cezar, A.

The Administrative Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Nevada School Districts: A Pooled Time Series Analysis, 1996-2004
Tuman, J; Moonie, S; & Roth-Johnson, D.

A Study to Determine if University Athletic Teams in Desert Environments Experience Risky Diet-Related Behaviours
Meacham, S; Bergman, C; Ditmyer, M; Wilson, K; & Mobley, C.

Adverse Maternal Outcomes for Women with Different Health Insurance Statuses in Nevada
Shen, J. & Wei, H.

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