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COVID-19 Testing in Schools

About the Project

While vaccinations continue to help put the worst of COVID-19 behind us, that does not mean that public health measures can relax yet. The critical vaccination threshold for herd immunity, 70%, has not yet been reached in the United States, which means that infected people can still spread the virus. This group of people who can become infected creates space for new variants to emerge, with increasing transmissibility and even the possibility of eluding the protection offered by current vaccines. Worse, this type of coronavirus is too new to definitively know whether the protection offered by previous infection or vaccines is lifelong or requires periodic boosting.

Because of these realities, COVID-19 testing remains an important public health measure, and schools are a particularly important site for testing. On-going testing programs can be used to help keep schools open by monitoring the spread of the virus and identify those who are infected early on.

This fall, Nevada Public Health Association was pleased to partner with the American Public Health Association and ThermoFisher to share resources and information for COVID-19 testing in schools. Identifying COVID-19 cases early and removing infected kids and their unvaccinated close contacts can prevent cascades of classroom cases and improve the chances for in-person school.

Please share the resources below with school and health professionals and tell us who you shared the resources with by January 14, 2022. 

Step 1: Share the Resources

Infographic - Why Still Test (PDF)

Flyer - Key Steps to Implement Testing (PDF)

Webinar: Infographic Keep Kids in the Classroom

ThermoFisher ReadyCheckGo School Testing Program

Step 2: Complete the Form

Please share the above resources with:

  • school superintendents
  • school nurses
  • school principals
  • school administrators
  • state health officials
  • parents
  • other related/similar personnel

Complete this form to tell use who you shared the materials with by January 14, 2022. 

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