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Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers and Recommendations for Successful Interventions: Insights from a Local Hispanic Community   Devereux, P.G., Kerwin, H., & Johnson, L.M.

Differences in Perceived Importance of Preventive Services and Healthcare Provider Trust Among Hispanics
Gore, J., Moonie, S., Anderson, J., & Shan, G.

A Qualitative Secondary Data Analysis: Through the Lens of the Transactional Model of Stress and Coping, Effects of Massage Therapy as a Complementary Medicine Alternative for Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS in Las Vegas, Nevada  
Dodge-Francis, C., Jean., J, Berlin, H.

The Economic Recession on the Health of Adult Nevadans
Goertz, A.D., Moonie, S., Anderson, J.L., Gutierrez, K., & Bungum, T.

(There were no 2018 articles for NJPH.)


Listening to the Ranks: U.S. Air Force Perceptions Regarding Health and Safety Trainings
Marshall, M.J, Francis, C.D., & Lewis, T.

New Beginnings: Living with Diabetes among an Urban American Indian Community
Dodge-Francis, C, & Claw, E.


Using the Health Belief Model to Identify Perceived Barriers to Mammography Re-Screening Among African-American Women
Wells, B.A., & Thompson-Robinson, M.

Neighborhood Effects on the Nursing Home Admissions among Older Patients in the State of Nevada, USA: Multilevel Analysis of Administrative and Census Data
Yamashita, T., & Shen, J.

Correlations of Oral Health Practices Implemented at the Head Start and WIC Programs in Las Vegas, Nevada
Hoang, L., Demopoulos, C., & Mobley, C.

Commercial Advertising and Parental Choices of Children's Dental Providers
Mahmood, T., Demopoulos, C.A.


Sepsis: A Call for Incorporation of Regional Data and Improved Education Programs
Doolen, J., Schreiber, M., & Greenway, J.

Parents' Knowledge of Children's Oral Health and Their Ability to Retain Information
Sorenson, L., Hughes, C., Demopoulos, C., Mobley, C., Ditmyer, M., Bott, B., Morris, J., Neu, T., & Penalosa, K.

Association between Ambient Air Pollution and Low Birth Weight in Southern Nevada
Feng, J., & Yang, W.

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