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Healthcare Utilization and Expenditures of the Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome in Nevada: A Cross-sectional Analysis (2016-2018)

Batra, K., Cruz, P., Cross, C., Bhandari, N., Abdulla, F., Pharr, J., Buttner, M. 

Nevada COVID-19 Associated Hospitalization Trends

Wang, J., Cross, C., Greenway, J., Sy, F.

Rural-Urban Continuum as a Potential Geographic Correlate of Breast and Prostate Cancer Mortality: A Case Study of Nevada, USA

Cross, C., Kumar, P., De Leon, J., Anderson, J., Gutierrez, K., Moonie, S.

The Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 in Minority Communities

Lopez, E., Marquez, E., Haboush-Deloye, A.

Healthy Vending: A Cross-sectional Evaluation of Public Perceptions and Behavior

Knight, M.A., Haboush-Deloye, A., Griffin, S.

Sexually Transmitted Infections and the 65 and Older Population in Clark County, Nevada: Knowledge and Perceived Risk 

Miranda, A., Thompson-Robinson, M., Coughenour, C., Morgan, A., VanBeuge, S. 

COVID-19 and Communities of Color: Understanding the Impact of Racism on Public Health 
Thompson-Robinson, M., Adlam, J., Anderson, E., Traylor, D., & Dodge Francis, C.

Community Exposure to Particulate Matter and Its Impact for Students and Residents Near A Construction Asphalt Plant: A Case Study

Gebremariam Gebreselassie, A. 

Potential Disease Reduction and Health Care Cost Savings from A Hypothetical Comprehensive Smoke-Free Law in Nevada 
Rathi, S., Bhandari, N., Cochran, C., & Shen, J.

An Assessment of the Campus Food Environment at a Large Commuter University  
Rivera, B., Carter, A., Ray, S., Iannuzzi, J., & Clark, S.

Mental Health Disparities among Sexual Minorities 
Keeley, J., Flatt, J., Sy, F., Gutierrez, K., Bungum, T., Cross, C., & Moonie, S.

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