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John Packham, PhD authors this column addressing public health policy issues in Nevada for the Reno Gazette-   Journal. John is a Past President of NPHA, Chair of the NPHA Advocacy and Policy Committee, and is Nevada's Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council of the American Public Health Association.

ARCHIVES: 2012-2014

2014 Articles

10/05/14: Keeping Rural Health Care Local

09/21/14: Reducing the Toll of Tobacco in Nevada

09/07/14: Prevention Fund Needs Our Support

08/17/14: Community Paramedicine and Achieving Health Care's Triple Aim

08/03/14: Celebrate Local Health Centers

07/06/14: Nevada's Challenge of Becoming Average

06/15/14: Fear and the Deadly Return of Preventable Childhood Diseases

05/18/14: You Get What You Pay For

05/04/14: ACA Leads to Big Leap in Insured

04/06/14: Celebrate National Public Health Week

03/23/14: Funds Can Help Cut Youth Tobacco Use in Nevada

03/2/14: Colon Cancer is Beatable if Caught Early, Get Screened

02/20/14: Growth Expected in Health Care Job Sector

02/16/14: Education Policy is Health Policy

02/2/14: New Report Details Unfinished Business

01/19:14: Millions Insured Thanks to ACA

01/5/14: Should we curb e-cigs?

2013 Articles

12/15/13: Nevada Comes up Short on Tobacco Prevention

12/01/13: First, Heal Thyself

11/03/13: ACA Provides an Ounce of Prevention

09/29/13: Health Reform's Promise

09/01/13: Let's End Casinos' Smoking Exemption

07/21/13: The Growing Definition of Illness

06/16/13: Politics of Health Care's Triple Aim

04/21/13: Second Med School Wrong Solution

03/17/13: The Tsunami is Already Upon Us

02/03/13: Lawmakers Myopia is Correctable

01/20/13: A Public Health Viewpoint on Guns

2012 Articles

12/02/12: Medicaid Expansion and the Politics of Commitment

11/4/12: Obama's Landmark Achievement

10/7/12: Repeal and Replace, Really?

08/05/12: Eliminating Scourge that is Tobacco

07/01/12: Health Care is a Moral and Economic Imperative

05/1/12: Telehealth Connects Experts to Rural Physicians

04/17/12: What County Health Rankings in Nevada Tell Us

04/03/12: A Healthier America Begins Today

03/13/12: Reversing the Influence of Big Tobacco in Nevada

02/28/12: Measuring the Success of the New Health Reform Law in Nevada

02/14/12: Free Contraception Ruling Hijacked by Culture Warriors

01/31/12: The Politics of Hunger in the U.S.

01/17/12: Higher Education Funding and Tomorrow's Health Workforce

01/03/12: 2012 and the fate of health reform

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